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Weapon 1

Great Axe

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Weapon 2


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Weapon Damage:

How Is This Calculated?

Weapon damage is the sum of your level damage and attribute damage. Both of these depend on your weapon's base damage.

Level damage is calculated like so:

((Character Level - 1) * 0.025 + 1) * Base Damage

Attribute damage is increased by a percentage of your base damage for each point you add, with diminishing returns.

Points Range % Increase
6-100 +1.625%
101-150 +1.3%
151-200 +1.17%
201-250 +1.04%
251-300 +0.91%
301+ +0.78%

Weapons that scale with two attributes:

If a weapon scales with two attributes, then it will have two attributes damages which contribute to its weapon damage. Its primary (the one listed first) attribute damage scales at 90%, and its secondary at 65%. This means that your first point in strength will add 1.625% of base damage for a great axe and 1.463% for a hatchet.


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